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This event has closed.

The 38th Adachi Fireworks

Adachi sightseen net

Source: Adachi sightseen net

There is a history of 100 years and it is a powerful to see fireworks up close.

Fireworks decorate the summer night sky of Tokyo will begin from this Adachi fireworks. Since the launch to condense the about 13,500 shots in one hour, you can enjoy a powerful fireworks. Dry riverbed of the venue is widely, while feeling up close the sound and light of fireworks, you can comfortably watch.


*Please use “More options” on the Map to find the optimal route for the direction to venue.

Event Name The 38th Adachi Fireworks
Venue Arakawa riverbed
Dates July 23, 2016
Note The festival will be cancelled in case of rain.
Open Hours 19:30~20:30
Admission Free
Address Arakawa reverbed (Between Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line railway bridge – Nishiarai Bridge)
Contact 03-3880-0039
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