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≪Hatsumode Spot≫ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

≪Hatsumode Spot≫ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine

It’s location in the geographic center of Tokyo

【Number of visitors on January 1st – 3rd】About 150,000 people

【Divine Favor】warding off evil, good-luck, matchmaking (marriage), easy delivery

Omiya Hachimangu Shrine is a historical shrine that celebrated 950 years of founding in 2013.

The worshiped deity is Emperor Ojin (Hachiman-sama) known for the god of “warding off evil” and “good-luck”. It is said that there is a devine favor of matchmaking (marriage) / easy delivery / child rearing by the firm bond of three gods worshiped with father and mother.

Also, since the religious ruins of the Yayoi era were excavated from the former premises in Omiya Hachimangu Shrine, it was discovered that this area was a sanctuary since ancient times.


Event Name ≪Popular spots of the first prayer of the new year≫ Omiya Hachimangu Shrine
Venue Omiya Hachimangu Shrine
Dates December 31, 2017 – January 20, 2018
Open Hours ≪Opening time≫
In the New Year’s week, opening time differs from normal.
【January 1】 0:00-21:00
【January 2】 6:00-20:00
【January 3】 6:00-19:00
Address 2-3-1 Omiya, Suginami-ku Tokyo
Contact 03-3311-0105
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