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Itabashi Fireworks Festival

Itabashi Fireworks Festival

Source: Itabashi City Tourism Association

Fireworks Festival with some highlights such as fireworks with flowering diameter of about 400 meters

Itabashi Fireworks Festival is held in collaboration with Toda-shi, Saitama prefecture on the other side of Arakawa river, and the total number of fireworks is about 12,000.
In addition to over 100 fireworks with flowering diameters of about 300 meters, two large fireworks of about 400 meters are also launched.
It is a program with some highlights, such as “Big Niagara Falls” 700 meters long and fireworks by 10 craftsmen who have performed excellent at the Fireworks Competition.


Event Name Itabashi Fireworks Festival
Venue Arakawa riverbed (Itabashi-ku)
Dates August 5, 2017
Note In case of stormy weather, it will be postponed on August 6.
Open Hours 19:00 – 20:30
Admission Free
Address 4 Funado Itabashi-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-3579-2255
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