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Kita-ku Fireworks Festival

Kita-ku Fireworks Festival

Source: Kita-ku Fireworks Executive Committee

“Kita-ku Fireworks Festival” which became a big event in fall of Tokyo, is finally held

“Kita-ku Fireworks Festival” which became a popular event in autumn of Tokyo will be held on October 14th. This year, 7,777 shots will be launched as well as last year which was the fifth anniversary commemoration.
The theme of Kita-ku Fireworks Festival is “collaboration of music and fireworks”. Especially, it is a must see for the special version of Kita-ku Fireworks Festival of “Starmine” that won the world fireworks craftsmen competition contest.
Fireworks will color the clear autumn sky and you can enjoy the different taste from summer fireworks festival.


Event Name Kita-ku Fireworks Festival
Venue around Arakawa river bed / Iwabuchi Suimon(water gate)
Dates October 14, 2017
Note *The event will be held in case of light rain.
*It will be canceled in case of stormy weather.
Open Hours 16:30 – 20:30
Fireworks launch is from 18:30 – 19:30
Admission Watching fireworks at free seating and surrounding area is free.
Paid-seat tickets can be purchased at Ticket Pia (Japanese only)

Address 5-41-2 Shimo Kita-ku, Tokyo
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