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This event has closed.

34th Koto Fireworks Festival

34th Koto Fireworks Festival

Source: Koto-ku

Fireworks compelling to look at from close range

Until the launch location and venue of around Arakawa & Sunamachi waterfront park, very close to and just 150m, fireworks views from close distance is compelling. While there are more than 350,000 people, you can enjoy a leisurely fireworks sitting such as lawn and seawall.


*Please use “More options” on the Map to find the optimal route for the direction to venue.

Event Name 34th Koto Fireworks Festival
Venue Arakawa & Sunamachi warterfront park
Dates August 1, 2016
Note The festival will be postponed to 8/2 in case of rain.
Open Hours 19:40-20:30
Admission Free
Address Arakawa & Sunamachi waterfront park
Contact 03-3647-4963 Koto-ku office Area Promotion Division
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