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≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Meguro River

Cherry blossoms in full bloom coloring the both banks of the Meguro River over 4 kilometers

Meguro River is known as a cherry-blossom spot representing Tokyo.

About 4 kilometers between the Ohashi Bridge and the Taikobashi Bridge, 800 cherry blossoms color on both sides of the Meguro River.

The area upstream from Naka-Meguro Station has narrow river width, and the cherry blossoms on both the banks bloom to overlap. That sight is overwhelmingly beautiful and attracts many people. Also in this area the cherry blossoms are lighted up and you can enjoy the fantastic beauty of cherry blossoms different from daytime.

Several shopping streets around the Meguro River organize events for each and it will further boost the season of cherry blossoms.


Event Name ≪Cherry Blossom Spots≫ Meguro River
Venue Meguro River (Ohashi Bridge – Taikobashi Bridge)
Dates Around late March – Around early April ※Average year
Note *Cherry blossoms are lit up at the flowering time until 21:00 after sunset. (Between the Tenjimbashi Bridge and the Horaibashi Bridge)
Open Hours 24 hours open
Admission Admission Free
Address 1-13 Kamimeguro Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Contact 03-5722-6850
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