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Sumomo Matsuri

Sumomo Matsuri

Source: Okunitama Shrine

Crow paper fan and crow Japanese fan is popular amulet

The origin of the festival is that the warlord Minamoto no Yoriyoshi and his son Yoshiie prayed the victory at Ōkunitama Shrine in Chofu city for Zenkunen War (前九年の役 Zenkunen no Eki) that is subjugation of Oshu Abe family. The festival is begun for visiting to shrine the victory thanks. They were offering of the plum “Sumomo” at that time, therefore plum market started in the precincts. The crow paper fan and crow Japanese fan to be distributed only to this day has been that there is a divine favor of the rich harvest, pestilence control, good luck charm, will visit as about 70,000 people for them.


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Event Name Sumomo Matsuri
Venue Ōkunitama Shrine
Dates July 20, 2016
Open Hours 06:00-21:00
Admission Free
Paid for Dring/Food in the venue
Address 3-1 Miyamachi Fuchu-shi, Tokyo
Contact 042-362-2130
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