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This event has closed.

58th Tachikawa Fireworks Festival

58th Tachikawa Fireworks Festival

Source: Tachikawa bureau of tourism

Leisurely enjoy the fireworks in the spacious park

Historic fireworks display becomes a total 58th in this festival. “Ootama” fireworks is that height of 400m to reach, and enlightenment diameter 380m. This fireworks that reproduces the work obtained excellent results in competitions across the country, you can enjoy the fireworks that elaborate, such as ornate “StarMine”. Because of the venue is a large park, is characterized by can relax and enjoy the fireworks.


*Please use “More options” on the Map to find the optimal route for the direction to venue.

Event Name 58th Tachikawa Fireworks Festival
Venue Showakinen Park Open Field
Dates July 30, 2016
Note The event will be cancelled in case of rain.
after 17:00 because the park is crowded, it will be smooth to take good place, if you enter the park while the paid time.
Open Hours 19:20-20:20
Admission Park Entrance fee
15 years of age or older / 410 yen
6-year-old to 15-year-old / 80 yen
Fireworks display day after 18:00 Admission free
Paid bleachers tickets Lawson or MINISTOP “Loppi” device, can be purchased in a multi-copy machine of Seven-Eleven (if entrance fee you have a ticket, admission fee is free)

How to purchase the ticket at Lawson or MINISTOP by “Loppi” device.

Contact 0180-99-3020 event information (on the day only, Japanese language only)
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