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Next “The Unicorn Gundam Statue” & “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO” will appear in Odaiba

© SOTSU・SUNRISE "The Unicorn Gundam Statue" image

The contents of the new project scheduled after “The Gundam Statue” and “Gundam Front Tokyo” which is closed in March and April 2017 published detail. (remove The Gundam Statue)

“The Unicorn Gundam Statue” will be displayed from the autumn of 2017 instead of “The Gundam Statue”.

And, new facility “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO” will be opened in 2017 summer, instead of “Gundam Front Tokyo”.


It is a comprehensive facility based mainly on domestic “GUNPLA” (“Gundam series” plastic model) as first open. About 2000 types from the first GUNPLA released in 1980 to the latest GUNPLA are prepared and provide various information and attractiveness of “GUNPLA” which is the theme of “Let’s make GUNPLA!” for the Gundam fans of the whole world and all generations to the world.

[Facility management] BANDAI Co.,Ltd.

[Official HP] http://www.gundam-base.net

[Admission] Free

※ “STRICT-G” in “Gundam Front Tokyo” will renew as “THE GUNDAM BASE TOKYO” is opened.


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